V91HD/DLT Degausser

Degausser Features:
Erases hard drives & DLT tapes

High energy

Table top design

Easy operation

V91HD/DLT: High Energy Degausser 

The V91HD/DLT bulk eraser is a high energy, bulk eraser especially to tackle the erasing of hard drives and of DLT tapes.

Hard Drives
The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives is a recognised security risk. Unlike other PC data storage media the hard drive always stays with the PC. Every time a PC leaves a company’s control all the data and company information will go with it.

Even if the hard drive breaks down the storage platters will still contain information which could be read once repaired.

The V91 is capable of removing data from PC hard drives in less than 20 seconds. Although in most cases this will render the hard drive inoperative, the cost of a replacement hard drive cannot be compared to the cost to a company if sensitive information can be read by a third party.

Even if only used infrequently the V91 provides a cost security solution to the protection of company, client and sensitive computer data.

To re-use your previously formatted DLTtape IV™ tapes in the new DLT1 tape drive, the V91 DLT Bulk Eraser has been introduced.

Anyone upgrading their existing DLT drive with the new DLT1 drive should understand that their existing inventory of recorded DLTtape IV™ media may not be usable in the DLT1 without thoroughly degaussing them before hand. Media recorded in either the DLT7000 or DLT8000 format will be automatically rejected to protect the data on the tape.

The problem is easily solved by erasing all existing DLT tapes on the V91 bulk eraser. The V91 will erase all old data and formats in 10 seconds leaving the tapes completely clear and ready to use in DLT1 drives.

As improvements in shielding and proprietary advancements in coercivity levels of the data platters in hard drives continue, to ensure complete erasure, some hard drives may have to be disassembled before degaussing the platters themselves on the V91 HD/DLT and the SV91 degaussers.

For degaussers that do not require hard drive disassembly before degaussing, please see our models V660 HDD Evo or V6000 HDD Max.

V91HD/DLT Degausser Specification
Media Erased: 3.5" & 5.25 PC Hard Drives; DLT tapes
Other Media Erased: ½" Computer Tape, Diskettes – single/boxed, DC 600, 2000, TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3490E/3590E, 4mm/8mm/ Exabyte/Travan, DLT, DAT, ZIP Disk

Throughput per Hour:

20 Hard Drives Typ or 90 DLT tapes
Degaussing Force: 4000 gauss 
Power Requirements: 50 Hz/220-240V and 60Hz/110-115 VAC Current 9 amps typ
Duty Cycle: 20% typ
Dimensions: Height: 6" (150mm) Width: 16.5" (420mm) Depth:19"(480mm)
Weight: 59.4lbs (27kgs)
Options: Security Key; Din Pin; IBM Hub adaptor; NAB Hub adaptor
Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.
  We reserve the right to ammend this specification without notice
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